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Our sample holder supplies span both analytical and biological instrumentation.

  • For analytical testing, we offer a wide array of sample holder supplies for thermal, elemental, and infrared instruments.
  • For biological testing, we offer sample holder supplies for laboratory automation systems.

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"Sample Holder Supplies" 1-50 of 60 Products and Services


Capillary Sample Tubes

Borosilcate glass capillary for use as a sample holder on the Direct Sample Analysis (DSA) Ion Source for AxION 2 TOF MS. For holding semi-solids and powders.
List Price : 155.00 CAD

DSA Quartz Sample Tube

Clear fused quartz sample tube for use with the Direct Sample Analysis (DSA) Ion Source for AxION 2 TOF MS

DSA Capillary Tube Holder

Tube Holder for capillary sample tubes (MZ305385) for use with on the Direct Sample Analysis (DSA) Ion Source for AxION 2 TOF MS. 13 positions.

DSA Interlock Adapter Plate Assembly

Adapter Plate required for creating the interlock before mounting the Direct Sample Analysis (DSA) Ion Source onto the AxION 2 TOF MS.

Combusto-Pad, 500/PK

Absorbent, combustible pads used when combusting liquid samples for radiometric detection.
List Price : 105.00 CAD
List Price : 280.00 CAD
List Price : 2650.00 CAD

DSA Mesh Holder Assembly

13 position Holder for Sampling screen (MZ305382) for use with on the Direct Sample Analysis (DSA) Ion Source for AxION 2 TOF MS.

Cylindrical Long Path Cell Holder

The Cylindrical Long-Path Cell Holder accommodates cells with outside diameters from 22 to 30 mm. A versatile cell holder, it accepts cells with pathlengths up to 100 mm.
List Price : 330.00 CAD
List Price : 1050.00 CAD

Combusto-Cone, Rigid, 1000/PK

For supporting liquid samples in combustion baskets. Specially treated to hold aqueous liquids, yet retain combustibility.
List Price : 730.00 CAD

Standard Cell Holder for PerkinElmer Models Lambda 2, 3, 6, 9, 11, 12, 14, 16, 18, 19, 900 and Bio

The Standard Cell Holder is provided as standard equipment with your PerkinElmer LAMBDA Series instrument. A lifter (included) makes short cell removal easy. It accommodates a large selection of rectangular cells up to 10 mm pathlength. The Standard Cell Holder is adjustable both vertically and horizontally.
List Price : 600.00 CAD
List Price : 900.00 CAD
List Price : 530.00 CAD

Sampling Screen

Consumable screen for use on the Direct Sample Analysis (DSA) Ion Source for AxION 2 TOF MS. For holding liquid samples. Use with DSA Mesh Holder Assembly (MZ300579).
List Price : 490.00 CAD
List Price : 4900.00 CAD

Solid Sample Holder

Minimum sample size 10 x 15 mm. Maximum sample thickness 5 mm.
List Price : 660.00 CAD
List Price : 4700.00 CAD

Biokinetic Accessory

Magnetically stirred single cell holder; water thermostatted. Includes a built-in temperature sensor (range 0 °C to 100 °C) and an event marker.
List Price : 1450.00 CAD
List Price : 930.00 CAD
List Price : 235.00 CAD
List Price : 9200.00 CAD

Automatic Water Thermostattable Automatic Linear Cell Changer for Eight Samples and One Reference, 8+1 Cell Changer

Automatic water thermostattable automatic linear cell changer for eight samples and one reference. Includes: Automatic Linear Transport (B2000186), 8-Cell Holder Water Thermostattable (B2205411), and Water Thermostattable Reference Cell Holder (B2000201). No accessory PCB required.
List Price : 3750.00 CAD

Mono-Fiber Transfer-Optic - L650/850/950

Fiber optic transfer holder for LAMBDA spectrophotometers. Requires pair of Mono-Fibers 2x2 or 2x10 meters and/or optrode. Other optrodes available on request
List Price : 4750.00 CAD

Single Position Water Thermostatted Cell Holder

Cell holder for a 10 mm path length cell, water thermostatted. Thiscell holder is included with the instrument.
List Price : 650.00 CAD
List Price : 12900.00 CAD
List Price : 7100.00 CAD

Reference Kit for P/N B2000186 linear transport

For Automatic Linear Transport (B2000186). For reference position to be used with 8-Cell Holder, Water Thermostattable (B2205411) or Long Pathlength 5-Cell Holder (B0089439).
List Price : 600.00 CAD

Well Plate Reader Accessory with silica excitation and emission fibers for work above 260 nm

Similar to P/N L2250035 with silica excitation and emission fibers for work above 260 nm with both excitation and emission.
List Price : 10500.00 CAD
List Price : 45.00 CAD

Single Position Thermostatted Cell Holder with Stirrer

Cell holder with magnetic stirrer for a 10 mm path length cell, water thermostatted. Includes six stirrer fleas, P/N 04978499.
List Price : 1100.00 CAD

Four-position Thermostatted Automatic Cell Changer with Stirrer

Changes in temperature affect the intensity of fluorescence. A simple, accurate way to control sample temperature is by replacing the standard cell holder with a thermostattable cell holder.
List Price : 2600.00 CAD

LC Flowcell Accessory

LC Flowcells detect trace components eluted from liquid chromatographs. Use your fluorescence spectrometer as a detector to monitor fluorescence continuously at selected excitation and emission wavelengths.
List Price : 1850.00 CAD

Integrating Sphere, 60 mm Wideband InGaAs Detector Module

Integrating Sphere contained in a module which simply snaps into the spectrometer and is ready to be used without any adjustments.

Compression Cell

We offer compression cells to be used in holding specimens flat and in contact with salt windows in FTIR microscopes. 
List Price : 1200.00 CAD

270mm Integrating Sphere

The PerkinElmer 270 mm integrating sphere is a unique accessory that allows new accuracies to be achieved in the measurement of light-diffusing materials. The accessory is available only for PerkinElmer LAMBDA 1050 and LAMBDA 950.

Variable Angle Reflectance Accessory for PerkinElmer Lambda 800/900 and PerkinElmer Lambda 10/20/40 Spectrometers

For relative specular reflectance studies which require data from more than one angle of incidence, the variable angle accessory is ideal. The angular range is from 15 to 70 degrees with an accuracy of +/- 1 degree. Typical applications include the study of the how the reflectivity of a sample changes with change of incident angle.
List Price : 4700.00 CAD

Powder Holder

For use with front surface accessory, P/N 52123130.
List Price : 690.00 CAD

Cell holder for Integrating Sphere

For measurement in 1 cm cuvettes in transmission or reflectance mode.
List Price : 500.00 CAD

Universal Reflectance Accessory (URA) for LAMBDA 950

The URA is a fully-automated variable-angle specular reflectance accessory. Highly accurate measurements can be made in absolute or relative-reflectance modes between angles of 8 and 65 degrees. Multiple angles can be measured without repositioning the sample or realigning the accessory.

Variable Angle Transmittance Sample Holder Kit for PerkinElmer Lambda 800/900 Spectrometer

Holds samples at an accurately measured angle to the incident beam for measurement of transmittance. Samples can be up to 1 cm thick and up to 10 cm square.
List Price : 2400.00 CAD

Low-temperature Luminescence Accessory

Samples can be measured at the temperature of liquid nitrogen by placing them in synthetic fused silica tubes which have an internal diameter of 2 mm, an outer diameter of 4 mm, and a length of 75 mm.
List Price : 3550.00 CAD
List Price : 205.00 CAD

Relative Specular Reflectance Accessory, 6 Degrees for PerkinElmer Lambda 800/900

For reflectance or thickness measurements.6° angle of light incidence.
List Price : 4000.00 CAD
List Price : 20400.00 CAD

"Sample Holder Supplies" 1-50 of 60 Products and Services