Hyphenated Technology


Uncover results and insights not possible through single instruments and individual analytical techniques. Our Hyphenated Solutions couple two or more instruments to greatly increase the power of your analyses and save you precious time by acquiring more information from a single run.

  • See in real time how materials respond to non-standard test environments like high UV levels or humidity changes
  • Measure gases evolved from samples being tested by a thermal analyzer

PerkinElmer Thermogravimetric (TG) instruments can be coupled to Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR), Mass Spectrometry (MS), or Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) to provide you with greater knowledge.

These technologies help advance the power of analysis in your laboratory. The more you know, the more you can do. Our fully-functioning hyphenated systems are installed for you and ready to use – no need for self-assembly or guessing at which parts will work in a homegrown system.


TG-MS: Thermogravimetric - Mass Spectrometry

Detect very low levels of impurities in real time with our fully integrated Thermogravimetric - Mass Spectrometry systems. Samples heated on the TGA release volatile materials and/or generate combustion components that are seamlessly transferred to the MS for identification, making these hyphenated solutions powerful tools for quality control, safety, and product development.

TG-GC/MS: Thermogravimetric - Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry

Although TG-MS allows real-time monitoring, it can be confusing due to overlapping events and higher mass ions obscuring those of lower mass. By adding gas chromatography (GC) to the system, these events can be cleanly separated and very low levels of impurities detected.

Heating a sample on the TGA causes a sample to release volatile materials or generate combustion components as it burns. These gases are then transferred to the GC, where the components can be collected on a trapping media, in a gas sampling loop, or deposited on the head of a column. The sample can then be run by GC to separate the material, and the peaks identified by the MS. Because of its ability to detect very low levels of material in complex mixtures, the TG-GC/MS is a powerful tool for quality control, safety, and product development.


TG-IR: Thermogravimetric - Infrared

The combination of a Thermogravimetric Analyzer (TGA) with an Infrared Spectrometer (TG-IR) is the most common type of Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA) in use today. By heating a sample on the TGA, a sample will release volatile materials or generate combustion components as it burns. These gases are then transferred to the IR cell, where the components can be identified. Because of its ability to detect functional groups, IR analysis allows greater understanding of the processes seen in the TGA. The PerkinElmer TL8000 transfer line is a state-of-the-art system for TG-IR. Unlike simpler systems that simply move the gas to the TGA, the TL8000 is designed to make sure every component evolved in the TGA is transported to the IR.

TG-IR-GC/MS: Thermogravimetric - Infrared - Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry

Hyphenating TG-IR-GC/MS is a powerful approach for analysis of an unknown mixture to determine its primary components and identify additives or contaminants. This information may be needed, for example, to evaluate a competitor’s product or to determine compliance with regulations. The PerkinElmer TL9000 transfer line is used to allow TG-IR-GC/MS analysis on a sample by moving the off gases to the FT-IR and GC/MS after their evolution in the TGA. It acts as the interface between a TGA or STA, an FT-IR like the Frontier or Spectrum Two FT-IR, and a Mass Spectrometer or GC/MS, such as the Clarus SQ 8.

UV-DSC: Ultraviolet - Differential Scanning Calorimetry

Gain powerful new insights into the effects of UV radiation on various materials. Our hyphenated UV-DSC solutions help scientists find ways to reduce the release of VOCs from coatings, more quickly bind electronics in manufacturing, cure dental resins and lens coatings, and produce pharmaceuticals and chemicals that resist degrading when exposed to UV light. Whether you seek a state-of-the-art DSC with true isothermal control for research and development, or a less expensive alternative designed for quality control and manufacturing, we have the right UV-DSC solution for your lab.
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"Hyphenated Technology" 1-9 of 9 Products and Services

Spectrum Two IR Spectrometer

Spectrum Two FT-IR Spectrometer

Easy to use, powerful, compact and robust – Spectrum Two is the FT-IR spectrometer of choice for everyone, everywhere. With fully integrated, robust universal sampling for trouble-free measurements and portability options, Spectrum Two is ideal for use in both laboratory and remote testing environments. Ideally suited to everyday analysis, you can confidently perform fast, accurate IR analysis and assure the quality of your materials across a wide range of applications.

DSC 8000

The DSC 8000, double-furnace, power compensation DSC provides greater sensitivity and accuracy as well as faster and more reliable results then you ever thought possible.
Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer (STA) 8000

Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer (STA) 8000

The STA 8000 simultaneous thermal analyzer offers performance, reliability and productivity you can depend on.
TGA 4000 N5370210

TGA 4000 System, 100-240V/50-60Hz

The TGA 4000 is designed with a compact ceramic furnace, which provides the temperature control you need for accurate results. Its rugged design is also corrosion resistant for the applications flexibility you need today and tomorrow.
Frontier MIR/NIR + SP10 STD


The Frontier IR/NIR system enables you to benefit from faster method development, reduced instrument costs and increased productivity.

DSC 6000

The DSC 6000 gives you all the advantages of the DSC 4000 and more. Designed for research application, it comes with Modulated Temperature DSC (MT-DSC) technology for easier data interpretation and new capabilities for product development.

DSC 4000 System, 100-240V/50-60Hz

The DSC 4000 offers dependable performance and quality results. This single-furnace, heat flux DSC is designed to run all your routine applications and includes an easy-to-load vertical furnace that is resistant to oxygen and chemical corrosion.


The DSC 8500 is a double-furnace DSC, featuring our second-generation HyperDSC technology. Now you can gain unlimited insight into the structure, properties and performance of your materials.

Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer (STA) 6000

The STA 6000 simultaneous thermal analyzer offers performance, reliability and productivity you can depend on.

"Hyphenated Technology" 1-9 of 9 Products and Services