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Precisely control the temperature in your instruments with the most reliable chillers, coolers, and heat exchangers available today.
Proven over several decades and thousands of installations ranging from lasers to analytical equipment, our chillers and coolers are thoroughly tested to provide consistent performance day after day, year after year.

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"Heating & Cooling Systems" 1-16 of 16 Products and Services

List Price : 290.00 CAD

The PolyScience® Air Filter with Frame

The PolyScience® Air Filter with Frame is a fully washable air filter which removes quickly for easy cleaning.
List Price : 60.00 CAD

Water Circulator (220 V/50 Hz)

Electronic temperature control, continuously settable from 20°to 65 °C, temperature stability +/- 0. 2 °C, with precision thermometer and built-in cooling coils.
List Price : 2950.00 CAD
List Price : 40.00 CAD

Coolant Fluid for ELAN

We offer Coolant Fluid for use with NexION and ELAN 9000/6x00/DRC inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) models.
List Price : 45.00 CAD
List Price : 2000.00 CAD
List Price : 1800.00 CAD
List Price : 3450.00 CAD
List Price : 6400.00 CAD
List Price : 880.00 CAD

Mscope Hot Stage220V

Same as N187-0184 above except operates from 50 Hz, 220/240V.
List Price : 8800.00 CAD

Noise Enclosure for Polyscience 6000 Chiller

Chiller noise in the lab can be distracting, tiring, irritating and stressful. But many people are unaware of the presence of environmental sound at damaging levels, or at the level on which sound becomes harmful.
List Price : 6100.00 CAD
List Price : 5900.00 CAD

Spectrum One Humidity Sensor

Electronic Humidity Sensor Recommended for operation in humid climates.
List Price : 680.00 CAD

Circulatory Cooling System For THGA Furnace Systems

In response to requests from our DPA 7 customers, PerkinElmer developed these pans to allow reproducible isolation of small quantities of liquid samples (such as uncured resins) so that UV curing reactions may be more accurately monitored by DSC.
List Price : 5100.00 CAD

"Heating & Cooling Systems" 1-16 of 16 Products and Services